Coffee Event Tasting Box

Coffee Event Tasting Box

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We have teamed up with the roasters at Golden Triangle Coffee for an exciting roasting collaboration. Dan McLaughlin and his team use an air roaster, while we use a drum roaster. The concept was for each of us to roast the same beans from Kenya and Guatemala and compare the results. What we discovered were 4 unique coffees, and we invite you to sample for yourself.
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Behind The Beans:
Golden Triangle provided the Kenya from Mt. Kenya, varieties include SL 28 and SL 24 of Kent and Bourbon ancestry. Dan’s method of roasting is air, simply put, coffee is roasted on a bed of hot air.  His company Golden Triangle offers an exciting array of origins and blends and we’ve enjoyed many hours discussing all things coffee and roasting.
Ready Set provided Guatemalan beans from the farm of Juana Cruz in Huehuetenango, with varietals of Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon. Our team roasts on a drum roaster which uses conduction to roast coffee, rotating the beans over a heating element. To read more about the coffee we used click here:

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