Guatemala Los Volcanes - Exploratorium Series

Guatemala Los Volcanes - Exploratorium Series

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Guatemala, Los Volcanes 

Elevation: 4,900 Feet
Varietals: Bourbon,Typica

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Process: Patio sun-dried
Cupping Notes:  Black Currant | Toffee| Toasted Almond

What's it All Mean?

The Los Volcanes brand represents the world-renowned Antigua coffee region and has been a standard in the industry since 1952. This coffee is grown by some of the top farms and small producers in the Antigua region including the area of Ciudad Vieja and the volcanic valley. The soil in this region is rich in minerals, nutrients, and sediments which are ideal for growing unique and outstanding coffee. The milling and drying processes are strictly and carefully executed, yielding consistent quality year from year to year.

Behind the Bean 

Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes is sourced from family-owned farms located near the city of Antigua between volcanoes named Agua (water) and Fuego (fire) within the department of Sacatepequez, Guatemala. Coffee produced in the Antigua region has a protected designation of origin (PDO) because of Antigua's renowned coffee reputation. Coffee is traditionally grown in this region under a canopy of grevillea trees and native shade trees called chalum.

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