Tanzania Kilamanjaro

Tanzania Kilamanjaro
Tanzania Kilamanjaro
Product image 1Tanzania Kilamanjaro
Product image 2Tanzania Kilamanjaro

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Elevation:  5,400 FEET
Varietals: BOURBON | KENT
Cupping Notes:  Pumpernickel • Peppercorn • Molasses
Roaster's Level:  DARK


What's it all mean?

Every coffee we source has a different story to tell, some more complex than others. Our newest offering from Tanzania was roasted many ways until we finally unlocked the savory sweetness inherent in these prized peaberry beans. This is one bold cup with big body and is the perfect companion to the crisp autumn air.

Behind the bean:

What’s all the fuss about peaberry? The coffee bean you have come to know and love generally come in pairs inside the coffee fruit. Peaberryies are a single round bean, found after careful sorting after processing. They are prized for their sweetness and complexity and can be found in any coffee region but are often associated with Tanzania. 

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