Guatemala - Finca Lomas Altas - New Oriente - Exploratorium Series

Guatemala - Finca Lomas Altas - New Oriente - Exploratorium Series

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Guatemala - Lomas Altas Farm-New Oriente

Elevation: 4,900 to 5200
Process:  Honey Processed
Varietals: Caturra and Pache San Ramon
Cupping Notes:  Honey Dew | Pecan | Lemon Zest
Roaster's Level:  Light

What's it All Mean?

We continue our celebration of spring with our first ever honey processed coffee. The beans hail from the famed farm of Lomas Altas in Guatemala where the rich black soils produce some of the finest coffees the region has to offer. Expect a cup that is sweet and savory with notes of honey dew, pecan and lemon zest. This limited-edition offering is a part of our Exploratorium Series where we roast new and exciting micro lots from around the world. 

A note on honey processed coffees: Honey processed is a method where the cherries are de-pulped but are allowed to dry without washing them. Much of the fruit remains on the bean and the remaining golden sticky mucilage is reminiscent of honey. The result is a cup that is more complex but not as sweet as a naturally processed coffee. 

Behind the Bean

Raul Sanchez of Finca Lomas Altas is a leader in the coffee community of Jalapa, and this outstanding farm produces some of the best coffees we’ve had from that region. Because water can be scarce in Jalapa, Raul’s coffee is delivered to us as cherry the same day that it is picked. These lots are remarkably uniform, a sign of careful picking! Our team processes them in Fraianes and prepares them for export.

Raul also works with the Del Paraiso producer organization in Jalapa, which works to strengthen the local community by finding specialty partners such as Primavera and helping producers access those buyers. He’s committed to raising the acclaim of Jalapa’s specialty coffee producers to benefit the entire community. 

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