Guatemala Huehuetenango-Paya'

Guatemala Huehuetenango-Paya'

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Elevation:   5,900 feet 
Process:  Washed, sundried on patio
Varietals:  Caturra | Arabigo
Cupping Notes:  Mulled Wine  | Brazil Nut | Pomegranate
Roaster's Level:  Light

What's it all mean?

We’ve got a brand-new bean in from Huehuetenango, the prized growing region located in the highlands of western Guatemala. This micro-lot is from the small family operated farm of Esteban Pablo Ramos, and is a subtle cup with savory fruit notes and comforting body. Available for a short time, its' unique sweetness will hook you from the first sip in the morning and have you thinking about that second pot in the afternoon. Plus, let’s face it, Huehuetenango is super fun to say. 

Behind the bean:

Esteban Pablo Ramos is a first-generation coffee farmer in the remote community of Tzuna’ outside of Concepcion Huista. He and his family own and operate the Paya’ farm and are members of the El Sendero Co-op.

El Sendero provides coffee producers support and information in the Huehuetenango region. The cooperative was formed in 2016, and focuses on gender equality among coffee producers and especially supports young coffee producers.

A word about the processing:

After picking it at the optimum ripeness, Esteban brings the coffee to their home high in the mountains to process it artisanally. The high altitude means it’s cooler, and the coffee is fermented between 36 and 48 hours. This carefully executed long fermentation contributes to this coffee’s delicious profile.

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