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$3   Batch Brew | Deep Track 12oz

$3   Batch Brew | Weekly Feature 12oz

$4   Pour Overs | Daily Single Origin Spotlight 12oz

$4  Latte | 12oz

$3  Hot Tea | Organic 12oz



$3   Cold Brew on Tap | 16oz

$4   Nitro Cold Brew On Tap | 16oz

$4   Flash Brewed Pour Over | 16oz

$3   Flash Brewed Ice Tea | 16oz



$4 / $5   Sunburst Latte

A splash of sunshine to brighten up the beginning of your year! Maple. Chocolate. Orange-infused oat milk. What more can we say? It's delicious. Available as an 8oz Piccolo Latte or a regular 12oz Latte. We love it so much we couldn't pick a size.

$5   Red Velvet Latte

This ruby beauty is filled with sweetness, subtle spice, and a hint of silky dark chocolate. Have it hot or cold (but we love it cold). It's sure to be your favorite drink of the year. Or at least your most photogenic.

$5   Black Cat Mocha

Our Mexico Chiapas coffee with a decadent blend of chocolate syrup from The Cleveland Chocolate Company, a hint of vanilla, steamed oat milk, and topped off with a purr-fect chocolate surprise.

$5   Lunar Chai Latte

A spectacularly spacey almond milk latte brewed with Storehouse Chai Tea, sweetened with some out-of-this-world house-made coconut sugar syrup, and garnished with cinnamon.

$5   Salted Maple Nitro Latte

This multi-faceted wonder is made up of nitro cold brew topped with a creamy maple-infused oat milk and a dash of salt. Satisfies your wildest sweet and savory dreams.

$4   Hot Chocolate

A delicious treat made with a special dark vegan chocolate from the Cleveland Chocolate Company and our favorite barista blend oat milk. Finished off with a touch of shaved chocolate because it's that good.

$5   Cloudburst

Our legendary nitro latte that starts with our Brazilian Cerrado cold brew. It's topped with an agave-sweetened frothed oat milk, then finished with shaved dark chocolate from our friends at Cleveland Chocolate Company.

Hours: Monday -  Saturday: 8am - 2pm

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