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$3   Batch Brew | Deep Track

$3   Batch Brew | Weekly Feature

$4   Pour Overs | Daily Single Origin Spotlight

$3  Hot Tea | Organic



$3   Cold Brew | 16oz

$4   Nitro Cerrado On Tap | 16oz

$4   Flash Brewed Pour Over | 16oz

$3   Flash Brewed Ice Tea | 16oz



$5   Cloudburst

A nitro cold brew latte that starts with our Brazilian Cerrado. It's topped with a lightly sweetened and frothed oat milk, then finished with shaved dark chocolate from our friends at Cleveland Chocolate Company.

$5   Black Cat Mocha

Our Mexico Chiapas coffee with a decadent blend of chocolate syrup from The Cleveland Chocolate Company, a hint of vanilla and topped with frothed oat milk and a purr-fect chocolate surprise dusted on top.

$5   Harvest Latte

Served hot or cold, sweetened with our Allspice coconut sugar simple syrup and topped with a frothed oak milk and pumpkin pie spice It's the Fall beverage you've been waiting for.

$5   Lunar Chai Latte

A spectacular spacey almond milk latte brewed with Storehouse Chai Tea, sweetened with our house-made coconut sugar simple syrup, topped with cinnamon.

$5   Salted Maple

Sweet and salty nitro cold brew, topped with a creamy maple infused oat milk with a dash of salt. Satisfies your wildest sweet and savory dreams.

$4   Hot Chocolate

A delicious treat made with a special dark vegan chocolate from the Cleveland Chocolate Company and our favorite barista blend oat milk and finished with a touch of shaved chocolate because it's that good.



Monday - Friday 7am - 2pm

Saturday 8am  -  2pm

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