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Double Shot - $2.5

Americano - $3

Cortado - $3

Macchiato - $3

Cappuccino - $3.5

Latte - $4

Iced Latte - $4


Medium Roast - $3/4

| House Blend [12 or 16oz]

Dark Roast - $3/4

| Deep Track Garage Blend [12 or 16oz]

Pour Overs - $4

| Daily Single Origin Spotlight [12oz]


Cold Brew - $4

Decaf Cold Brew - $4

Nitro Cold Brew - $4

Nitro Iced Chai Latte - $5

| Oat milk, coconut sugar syrup, Storehouse masala chai tea


Hot Chai Latte - $5

| Oat milk, coconut sugar syrup, Storehouse masala chai tea

Hot Chocolate - $4

| Opt. Coffee-Spiked

Hot Tea - $3

| Storehouse Organic [12oz]

Iced Tea - $3

| Storehouse Passionfruit [16oz]



$5   Black Cat Mocha

A decadent blend of house made chocolate syrup, a hint of vanilla, steamed oat milk, and topped off with a purr-fect chocolate surprise. Served hot or cold.

$5   Milk & Cookies Latte

Delectable house-made cookie butter syrup with creamy oat milk and espresso. Topped off with Biscoff cookie crumble. Served hot or cold.

$5   Cloudburst

Our legendary nitro latte that starts with our Brazilian Cerrado cold brew. It's topped with an agave-sweetened frothed oat milk, then finished with shaved dark chocolate from our friends at Cleveland Chocolate Company. Also served hot with espresso.

$5   The Duke

An innovative and absolutely delicious coffee twist on a London Fog tea latte. Cold brew or espresso, oat milk, house-made earl grey syrup, simple syrup, + vanilla. 

Our menu changes seasonally. Check back often.


We also feature fresh baked goods created and delivered by local bakers and biscuits from The Roaming Biscuit on Fridays & Saturdays!


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