RS Cold Brew Recipe

Ready to brew?  Here’s what you’ll need:

#1 - 12 oz bag of Ready Set Brazil Cerrado.
        The grind should be at least as coarse
         as French Press, or slightly more. 
         Think kosher salt. While the recipe uses
         Brazil, any quality coffee will do.
         Each will give you different flavor profiles. 

#2 -  3 quarts of cold water (3/4 gallon).
         As in all brewing, use the highest quality
         water available

#3 -  A fine mesh strainer, or a paper towel
        over your colander.  

#4 -  A vessel that can hold at least 1 gallon. 
         Preferably one with a tightly fitted lid.

The brewing itself is easy. 
"The waiting", as Tom Petty said, “is the hardest part.” Take your coarsely ground coffee and put it in your vessel of choice, add water, cover, refrigerate and then go do a bunch of awesome stuff. Come back after 15 to 18 hours and strain through a filter into a pot or other container to collect the cold brew. Serve over ice and enjoy it straight up or however it is you take your coffee. We even like to add a splash of cold oat milk. 

NOTE: The following recipe is for cold brew concentrate that is double the caffeine of regular coffee. Add water post brew to your taste, but a recommended ratio is 1:1

If you’re want to up your gear game at home, we highly recommend TODDY for all your cold brewing needs.
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