Bolivia ANPROCA, Organic, Fair Trade

Bolivia ANPROCA, Organic, Fair Trade

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Bolivia-ANPROCA, Organic, Fair Trade

Elevation:   3,950 Feet 

Process:  Fully Washed 

Varietals:  Caturra | Catuai

Cupping Notes:  Nutella | Smoked Cherry | Almond

Roaster's Level:  Light

What's it all mean?

We are excited to offer our first ever coffee from Bolivia. This light roast has plenty of body and savory notes that hint at an underlying sweetness. This limited edition coffee makes amazing batch brew and pour overs all day long.  

Behind the bean:

ANPROCA is the coffee growing association formed in 1976 by indigenous people from all over Bolivia. The group represents around 100 producers helps them maintain higher prices in the global trade, selling around 4,000 to 5,000 bags annually.  

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