Honduras-Manos de Mujer, Organic, Fair Trade

Honduras-Manos de Mujer, Organic, Fair Trade

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Manos de Mujer, Organic, Fair Trade, Honey Processed

Elevation: 4,000 Feet
Varietals: Bourbon  | Catuai | Caturra | Typica 

Process: Honey
Cupping Notes:   Hazelnut | Orange Blossom | Agave 


What's it All Mean?

Manos de Mujer is our first venture into the wonderful coffee growing region of Honduras. We’ve roasted these beans with just the right amount of heat for a cup that is both nutty and sweet. It is a coffee that tells a different story with every tasting and makes amazing drip coffee and stunning cold brew.  

Behind The Bean 

“Manos de Mujer” is a group of female coffee producers within the COMSA* organization located in Marcala, Honduras. This initiative was started for the purpose of improving the living standards of the female members of COMSA that own and operate their own farms. COMSA aims to promote gender equality at the farms and throughout the community.

*Cafe Organico Marcala, or COMSA, was created in Honduras in 2000 by 62 farmers who wanted to reform the way coffee was grown.

A note on honey processed coffees: Honey processed is a method where the cherries are de-pulped but are allowed to dry without washing them. Much of the fruit remains on the bean and the remaining golden sticky mucilage is reminiscent of honey. The result is a cup that is more complex but not as sweet as a naturally processed coffee. 

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