Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Elevation:   6,000 Feet
Process:  Natural
Varietals:  Ethiopian Heirloom
Cupping Notes:  Baked Muffins | Strawberry Jam | Cocoa
Roaster's Level:  Light

What's it all mean?

Our roasters crank the heat up high on this natural but drop it quickly to maximize the funky sweetness found inside. We call it the “fruit bomb” and love the complexities and lasting body this coffee gives with every cup. The perfect companion for your Hario V-60 or pot brewer. Make it as a Japanese  

Behind the bean:

The beans hail from Chelchele, a region home to some of the highest grown beans in all of Ethiopia. It is a natural process on raised beds at the Worka mill. The natural process involves drying the coffee bean with the fruit intact for up to 2 weeks, imparting flavors from the fruit pulp resulting in a "fruit forward" cup.  

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