Garage Blend Deep Track

Garage Blend Deep Track

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Deep Track

Elevation:  Higher and Higher
Process: Mix of natural and washed with a splash of reverb
Varietals:  A sweet blend of Delta Blues, 60's Soul, and British Punk
Cupping Notes:  Smoked Almond | S'Mores | Black Cherry
Roaster's Level:  Medium/Dark 

What's it all mean?

Complex flavor notes, wrapped in the comfort of a slightly darker roast.  At times familiar, but also strange and new. It takes a sip or two, but soon becomes your daily soundtrack, with staying power, not like that hit song that lights up your radio and soon fades to grey.  

Behind the bean:

Like a lot of the greatest Rock & Roll bands, Ready Set! was born out of a garage. This was the blend we created to start our day, and to get us through it.  Tried and true.  Our go to that always held a surprise or two, and seemed to good not to share.

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