Peru Cajamarca

Peru Cajamarca

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Peru - Cajamarca - COOPAFSI | Organic | Fair Trade

Elevation: 4,920 TO 5,750
Process:  Fully Washed 
Varietals:  Bourbon 
Cupping Notes: Apricot | Honey | Pecan
Roaster's Level:  Light

What's it all mean?

Coffees from Peru have always been a favorite in the roast room and behind the bar at Ready Set! We are excited to introduce this bean for the first time, a coffee with a subtle sweetness and a savory nutty finish. We are loving it in the café on drip AND cold brew! This versatile bean is one wicked summer brew. 

Behind the bean:

COOPAFSI, established in June 1969 in Peru's Cajamarca region, prioritizes gender equality in land distribution among producers, empowering women in coffee production. This cooperative stands out for its focus on "women grown" coffee, with women contributing to coffee quality and actively leading projects to enhance their families' well-being. Through initiatives like a women-led loan committee and a computer lab, COOPAFSI supports members in improving their land and embracing modern technology.

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