Positively Placebo-Decaf (MWP)

Positively Placebo-Decaf (MWP)

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Positively Placebo-Decaf (MWP)

Elevation:   4,265 to 5,400 Feet
Process:  Decaf-MWP (Mountain Water Process) 
Varietals:  Castillo 
Cupping Notes:  Cocoa| Toasted Almond | Cream
Roaster's Level:  Medium

What's it all mean?

The roasters of Ready Set! roast our decaf to bring out the rich chocolatey, nutty flavors that even Juan Valdez might mistake for regular.  Like all great Columbian coffees, expect a cup that is full bodied and sweet at the finish.  Great for pot brewing, and don’t be afraid to put it in your Hario V-60.

Behind the bean:

The “Coffee Triangle” is one of Columbia’s most beautiful regions and is where our decaf is grown on small family-owned farms. The beans are decaffeinated using the Mounting Water Process (MWP). This process  uses natural and organically derived solutions in pure water to remove over 99% of the caffeine from coffee.  

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