Signature Series-Single-Origin Sampler Set (4 Pack)

Signature Series-Single-Origin Sampler Set (4 Pack)

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For lovers of single origins, we take you around the coffee globe for a showcase of our most beloved coffees. This set is a great way to introduce yourself to world of Ready Set. It’s also a fun way to come up with your own unique, finding notes you love in each and putting it all together! Each set includes 4, 8oz bags plus a note card describing each coffee.

The Signature Series includes:


This is by far the most versatile coffee we offer. We love it for all methods of brewing and feature it year-round on tap as cold brew at our café. The savory and comforting notes of almond and dark chocolate will warm you with every sip. The beans are sourced from the Cerrado region where the rich soils are ideal for growing amazing specialty coffee.


The “fruit bomb” as we call it in the roast room has always been a crowd favorite.  This natural is one of our lightest roasts but has big body, complex fruit notes and a lasting sweetness. The beans hail from Yirgacheffe, a region home to some of the highest grown beans in all of Ethiopia. 


This bean is another absolute staple at Ready Set! It’s a light roast with infectious sweetness and a smooth honey finish. This is a comforting morning brew that you just might go back to in the afternoon. This is one of the smallest lots of coffee we import, grown and produced by on the family run farm of Juana Cruz called Finca el Chalun.    


This coffee is a sampler pack exclusive and is our first ever import from Bolivia! It’s a savory cup with underlying sweetness and is so new to us we are discovering more about it with every brew. It is produced by the ANPROCA co-op that is comprised of all indigenous peoples from all over Bolivia.

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